Make your own yoga journal

Make your own yoga journal

What is a yoga journal?

A yoga journal is basically an essential for a true yoga fan. This notebook is basic to record all physical, mental and spiritual progress.

But not only this, it is also used to include your negative and positive thoughts that have crossed your mind during the day with the aim of calming the mind after a yoga sesion

It is very useful to have your own diary to track your exercises, asanas or yoga postures. It is basically a class diary and a spiritual diary united in one. In addition, you can record how the yoga moment of the helper day has made you feel reduced stress and accumulated stress throughout the day.



Why should you do it?

Doing a yoga journal will help you obtain and promote the different benefits of yoga so that your sessions are more productive and you can get the most out of it.
A good way to free your mind of stress and accumulated tension from day to day is through your yoga journal.

While you practice yoga, your mind will be free to let positive and negative thoughts surface and help you to relax, but if you also later write down these thoughts in your yoga journal you will be able to get rid of them as they will end up leaving your mind.


How to make a yoga journal

Make your own yoga journal is very simple, you can do it with a notebook with blank bullet journal or do it on your mobile or tablet with the yoga set

Once you have completed, for example, a week, you will be able to observe which aspects have been the most worrying and which are your most inspiring thoughts.

Now that you know the advantages and the usefulness of starting with your yoga journal, do you dare to try it?




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