How to add digital stickers in Notability

How to add digital stickers in Notability


Adding and using digital stickers in your digital planners is very simple. In this article we will show you how to place our digital stickers in your planner with the notability app.


How to add digital stickers

Our digital stickers can be perfectly used in IOS devices through the Goodnotes and Notability apps.

  1. Open Notability
  2. To import digital stickers in Notability, click on the “+” sign in the upper right and click on “photo”
  3. Click on the png file of digital stickers


When you do this, the full page of stickers will open to you. To trim the one that interests you and use it we must do the following:

    1. When the sticker sheet opens, several options will appear, select “edit”
    2. Click on the crop icon

  1. Move the cursors to surround only the digital sticker that interests you. When you finish click on OK

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