How to add digital planner to Goodnotes

How to add digital planner to Goodnotes

Starting to use your digital planner with Goodnotes is really simple. This way you can transform your iPhone or iPad into a planner or notebook ready to use, full of customization possibilities, without forgetting that it can be carried out wherever you want.

In this tutorial we will show you how to add our digital planners to your Iphone or ipad through the Goodnotes 4 and Goodnotes 5 application.

You can see our digital planners by clicking here


How to add digital planner to Goodnotes 4

Once we have the application open you will be shown this way. Click on the “+” sign and select “import.”

After this, you will have to select the location of the digital planner, try to enter it in a folder that is easy to find. If you have downloaded it from that same device, it is probably in the downloads folder.

You will only have to click on the planner file and it will open.

How to add digital planner to Goodnotes 5

Open Goodnotes 5 and select “new …” on the home page where all your planners will be found

tutorial goodnotes 5
Once you have clicked different options will open, you must click on “import”
Select the folder in which you have entered the digital planner.

It is a somewhat different process than in the previous version, but still does not require too many steps to get open your digital planner in this application.

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