How to add digital planner stickers to Goodnotes

How to add digital planner stickers to Goodnotes

Add and use the digital stickers in your digital planners is very simple in Goodnotes. There are stickers of different shapes, designs and sizes to suit all your preferences and organization.

In this article we will show you how to place our digital stickers in your planner in both Goodnotes 4 and Goodnotes 5.


How to add digital planner stickers to Goodnotes 4 

Our digital stickers can be used perfectly in IOS devices through the Goodnotes and Notability notes applications. Both applications have very similar functions to organize your perfect digital planner !!

You can follow the following steps or see the video found at the end of the article:

1. You must download the received file in your mail

2. In this you will find a PNG file with all the digital stickers

3. To import the stickers in Goodnotes you must click on the “+” sign and section the image.

4. The only difference with notability is that instead of a “+” sign it is an arrow down.

We must select the folder where we have the digital stickers previously downloaded.

5. Press and hold on the digital stickers page until the options appear and click on trim.

6. Surround the area you want to cut, selecting the edges of the digital sticker.

7. It will be ready.


You should repeat the process with all the stickers you want to place.


How to add digital planner stickers to Goodnotes 5

To add the digital stickers in Goodnotes 5 we must follow the following steps:

1. Open Goodnotes 5

2. Double-click on the “image” icon, after doing this, the most recent images will open on the side. If you just added the digital stickers they will appear here, you just have to drag the digital scheduler.

If the stickers do not appear in the preview on the right, we should look for them in one of our folders. For this, click again on the “image” icon

3. Select the folder in which you have stored the digital stickers, and select them.

4. Place the sticker sheet, and select it. You will see two options; cut and share. You will have to click on “trim”

After this, the stickers will be opened in a new small window, to move the clipping cursors. It’s something smaller in Goodnotes 4. Move the cursor to surround the stickers you want and click “ok”, the sticker will have expanded after this, you must adjust it to the desired size.

With digital stickers you can create multiple aspects within your digital planner, or even create a blank file and organize it as a bullet journal. It all depends on your creativity!

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